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Supporting the community

We’ve supported our local community since 1975. We believe nobody should be excluded from legal representation just because they are poor, vulnerable or lack education.


Welfare Benefits

We’ll fight to get you the welfare benefits you are entitled to.


We can help with problems like evictions, homelessness and disrepair.


We’re experts in all aspects of immigration, nationality and asylum law.


Advice on all kinds of trouble at work.


Over forty years of service


Determined to succeed


Working to get results

Client Stories

Xavier was born here.

He only speaks English. His family live in London. This is the
only home he’s ever known. But because he was born just before his mother was granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK, he faced deportation to Uganda. It’s a country he’s never even visited. We represented Xavier in his appeal to an immigration tribunal and won. But the Home Office challenged the tribunal’s decision and it was overturned. We’ve now applied for permission to appeal to the Court of Appeal. In the meantime, the Home Office have detained Xavier but we’re helping him apply for bail.

Mark faces huge daily struggles.

He’s disabled and virtually unable to walk. Mark received Disability Living Allowance and Employment & Support Allowance and depended on them for his independence and dignity. In fact, he needed them simply to make ends meet. But Mark’s Employment & Support Allowance was stopped after an assessor found he met none of the key qualifications. We represented Mark in his appeal to a tribunal, and gave guidance to his doctor about preparing a medical report to support his case. The tribunal still ruled he did not qualify for Employment & Support Allowance. We helped Mark get permission to appeal again, to the Upper Tribunal. The Upper Tribunal accepted the first tribunal had made errors in its reasoning and restored Mark’s Employment & Support Allowance, including £2,000 of arrears.

Our Mission

We believe in social justice. Nobody should be excluded from legal representation just because they are poor, vulnerable or lack education. We enable people to understand and assert their rights as members of society. We believe this is fundamental to the framework of a properly functioning democracy.

Our clients say

The highest reward for us and our team is seeing the benefit our work has on individuals and the community

The service was excellent and effective. My caseworker was incredibly supportive and well-trained. I cannot thank you enough!
Thank you for your hard work and support. You made me believe in myself when I had lost all hope. You are an inspiration!